Card reading for week 14-20

Hello everyone! How are you today? Did my last card reading help you in any way?

At my reading with Archangel Michael’s cards, I asked the question:

What my readers need to know for the next week?

The answer was 2 cards:

1 A prayer will help you in this situation

This card means you are in a situation that will improve if you say a little prayer. There is no need for you to worry about your problem as worrying is like a prayer for something you don’t want to happen. When you pray you allow your God and your angels to intervene for you. They can’t help you if you do not ask for their help because of the free will. I know how it is when you want to do everything by yourself but in this situation that you will find yourself this next week, you need to pray for some help.

If your problem is so hard that you can imagine how you can get over it you can join a group of prayers. Also if you do not know how to pray you will benefit from joining a prayer group.

Detached yourself from the situation


You find yourself involved in a situation that can benefit from taking a step back. To improve your current situation you have to detach and see the whole thing different. You need to take a break from the people involved with you in this situation. You got so implicated in this situation that you can’t see the bigger picture and you shut yourself to the solutions. Take a break of a few minutes or hours if you can. And let Archangel Michael cut with his blade of fire all the energetical strings from you to this situation. You will come back refreshed and with a new perspective on your problems.

This card also means that:

  • It is time to leave an unhealthy situation,
  • Don’t get involved in other people’s problems,
  • You can show compassion without carrying someone else’s problem.


Something extra for you


Since 7 years ago, when I found out I was a medium I found a system with numbers and through channeling to know: a person’s karmic lesson,  guardian archangel and to find out his or her’s compatibility with it’s significant another person in this world.

If you what to know that about yourself:

  • your karmic lesson,
  • your  guardian archangel,
  • and what type of relationship you have with the person you are most close to in life,

then send me an email with your first name, your date of birth and the date of birth of the other person. Send the email to and send via Paypal using the same email 5 () euro or 6.5 ($) dollars and you will receive from me an email with your answer in 48 hours.

To send money via PayPal it’s safe and easy. You need to make an account with your email address. Your banking information will be private, only you can see them.  After you have the Paypal account you can send money to other people just with their email address.

I also can do private cards reading for your problems or to bring messages from your loved ones who passed away. Let’s say you have a problem for which you don’t know the solution. Send me a very short version of your situation and a question. The question that will clear your problem. Also if you have a question for someone who passed away. I will get the answer to that question with the cards from Archangel Michael.

Send the email to and send via Paypal using the same email 5 () euro or 6.5 ($) dollars and you will receive from me an email with your answer in 48 hours.

Have a great week and God bless!


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