Card reading for week 31-6

At my reading with Archangel Michael’s cards, I asked the question:

What my readers need to know for the next week?

The answer was the card from last week:

A favorable result


The situation that concerns you has a favorable result. There is no need to worry, there is no need to be angry or to hurry for a result to your problem. As soon as you leave all your worries to God and his angels you will allow them to come up with the favorable result for all those involved in your situation. Although you do not see how your problem will have a favorable result, it’s okay just to trust that it will appear to you at the right time.

This card also means that:

  • a new relationship will last for a long time,
  • a legal matter will be solved in your favor,
  • the money you’ll need will come to you,
  • you will get the job you want,
  • a healing will take place.


the link to my book:

Something extra for you

As a New Year is starting I can take your questions about it and make card reading for you. Let’s say you have a problem for which you don’t know the solution. Send me a very short version of your situation and a question. The question that will clear your problem. Also if you have a question for someone who passed away. I will get the answer to that question with the cards from Archangel Michael.

Send the email to and send via Paypal using the same email 5 () euro or 6.5 ($) dollars and you will receive from me an email with your answer in 48 hours.

Have a great week and God bless! And Happy New Year 2019!


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