The cat a magical creature!

First, I want to wish you all: Happy 2017! I took a break from my blog until today.


The truth about cats is revealed! Their aura can protect your entire house!


A cat’s aura is so strong that can protect your entire family and your home. When a cat comes to you near your feet, it does that not to say hello or for attention but to clean and protect you about bad vibes.

When you chase away a cat, you chase its good vibrations. Next time, when you see a cat treat her with affection because in return it can do you a lot of good.


I am sure you heard that when a cat purrs it can heal bone and muscles affections do to the vibration they emit. But did you know that your pet can protect you from bad energies and evil spirits? Cats can see the spirits and they start following it around the house to find its intentions. If the entity is evil the cat will try to catch it into its aura and take it out of your house. When a cat looks at a fixed point around you, it means that it saw an entity. You can help your cat to get rid of the spirit by saying a prayer.



If you want to communicate with spirits you should not have a cat for a pet, because the cat’s aura is so strong that eliminates the spirits from your house. Spirits and cats don’t go together.

When you move in a new place, especially is it a house that was inhabited before, it is good to have a cat as a pet.  The cat will clean the house from old energies for you. The Russians have a ritual that before they enter in a house they let the cat go first to eliminate the bad energies. If the house is new, the cat will put good energy in it.

When you are sick the cat comes and sits on the aria of your sickness. With its strong aura, the cats can help you to get well. They also help you get rid of stress.

When you get a cat as a pet, you can choose it by their color:

A black cat a supernatural cat which can help you the best to eliminate the bad energies.

A red-yellow cat has the solar energy and can bring into your house money and wellbeing.

A white cat has extra power to heal and to release the stress.

A gray cat brings you love, happiness, and good luck.

A two-colored cat brings friendship and wisdom into your house.

A three colored cat brings harmony and prosperity into your house.

A tabby cat can help you escape from wrong situations.

A siamese cat brings longevity and success to you.

If you don’t have a cat yet, I think after reading my article you will want to get one.

Have a great new year!






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