How to break free from fear


The fear is a negative thought which appears when your imagination gets wild. Replace that thought with a productive one. Fear kills millions of people. Behind every failure, every disease, and every bad relationship is fear. The opposite of fear is love which heals everything. To get rid of fear, your level of love has to be higher.
We are born only with fear of heights and fear of noise, all the other fears we teach them during our lives. The good think about learning a fear is that we can also learn to get rid of it.
1. DO the thing you are afraid to do. If that is possible, the fear will disappear like magic. Also, tell yourself that: I conquer my fear every day.


For instance, if you have the fear of water, you should learn to swim. When you know how to swim your fear of water will clear out.
2. Use positive affirmation a few times a day: I am brave. I am calm.
Our subconscious mind reacts to suggestion and in a short while, you will see how you will become braver and more relaxed, more confident.
3. Take baby steps in overcoming your fear. When you are afraid of small or closed spaces like an elevator. You should think how well is to climb with a lift 30 floors than to go up the stairs. First, imagine you take an elevator with all the details of that trip: music, smells, and images.

And then you should take a ride in one just for one floor at first, just to see that you have nothing to fear about. You do that a few more times, and your fear will get smaller and smaller until you will be able to get over it.

4. Be very aware of your fear and the inconveniences that it brings into your life. Acknowledge that you’ll be better off your fear. In this way, it will be much easier to overcome it.
5. Be curious about the thoughts connected with your fear. Seek to find the origin of your fear to heal your inner child. Curiosity can help you get you to finding a solution to your fear. You can ask yourself: What is the worst thing that might happen? And see where that question takes you in your investigation of your fear.
6. Think always positive. Cultivate your mind with positive thoughts, in this way your brain will find an easier way to turn your fear around and break free of it.


7. When you fear something, you’ll get the urge to have its opposite. If you fear sickness, you’ll want health. Be so positive that you will focus on your desire and not on your fear. In this way, you take the power your fear has on you.
8. When you are scared, you can pray for guidance. You don’t have to be a religious person for that. Praying calms you down and you can find a solution to your fear easier. Praying like meditation clears your mind of other thoughts.
9. You can do yoga. You learn how to breathe and relax and the energy trapped in your body gets free. You may get rid of a few fears just in doing a few months of yoga.

10. If nothing else works and your fear become so high that you feel it’s impossible to conquer alone you should seek professional help( psychiatry, therapy, hypnosis, life coach).


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