What do you love the most?



There was a man with four wives in a foreign country. The man loved especially his fourth wife, who liked to dress in beautiful clothes and gave to her exquisite foods to eat.
He also loved his third wife. He was so proud to have her, and he was terrified that some other man might take her from him. His second wife was sweet to his heart also. He used to confide in her, and he liked to take her with him everywhere. They had a lot of fun together.His first wife who was the most faithful of them was not so important for our man. He did not love her, and he used to ignore her.

After he had lived his time on Earth, the man was lying in his bed waiting for death to come. He got scared, and he wanted some company in his afterlife. The wives were around his dying bed.

He asked his fourth wife: I always treated you well. I fed you and clothed you. Would you come to me in death to keep me company?
The fourth wife: No. And she left him without another word.
Sorrowful the man asked his third wife: I loved you all my life. Would you come with me into the afterlife to not live me die alone?
The third wife said: Life is too good to die. After you die, I will remarry.
The man was heartbroken to hear his beloved wife saying that. He turned to his second wife, and he asked her the same thing to come with him into death.
The second wife: I am sorry. I can only promise to visit your grave.
The man devastated from their answers, lie in his dying bed.
I will come with you, said a whisper. That was the first wife who was fragile of hunger and in a very weak state as she was ignored by her husband all her life.
The man got sad because he did not take better care of his faithful first wife.

In reality, we are all have four wives in our lives:
The four wife is our BODY. No matter how much time and effort we invest in it, it will leave us when we die.

The third wife is our WEALTH. When we die, it will go to others.



The second wife is our FAMILY and FRIENDS. No matter how close they are to us, they can only visit our grave after we are gone.

The first wife is our SOUL. In our rush after wealth and power, we forget about it. But, the soul is the only one who can come with us everywhere.

What do you love the most?




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