How to pray?


I will say to you from the beginning of this book that to pray you don’t need any training. All you need is a desire to get some help from a higher being of light. You don’t need to believe in them, as I did not believe when I started to pray. I acknowledge that I needed help, and there was no one in my life I felt safe to share the problems I had. I wanted to give the praying a try. I thought it can’t hurt to pray once in my life. The saying is that God hears even the silent prays of our hearts. I believe that!

If you decide you want the help of the higher beings of light in your life, and you start to constant ask for their help, your life will change as quickly as you allow their help. You can read this whole book, or you can start with the chapter that interests you. You can write down a prayer or prayers for your problems and keep it under your bed and then take it with you the entire day. It can help to have many notes with your chosen prayers to have next to your bed, at the office, on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, or you can keep it more private. Until you memorize, your prayers use the notes.

You can have like a routine of prayers every day asking for your basic needs like protection for you and your loved ones, good health, loving relationship with the people close to you, an abundant life. You can also pray when you have a problem and until you resolved it. You can have a routine of prayers and when you have a new problem to add a new prayer for that until you overcome it.


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