Forgive and Move on

Did you ever feel stuck in your life in a place, a relationship or a situation? Did you ever feel desperate and did not know how to move on?

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I was in a place, and a situation like that and I did not know how to change all that. My fear blocked me to think that I am not strong enough to let go and to find my way further on.

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I believe now that only fear and anger were the reasons for the blockage of my life. And to move on with my life meant to let go of my past. It’s not so easy especially after you got used to being stuck, but one you set your mind to move on you are half way there. I was able to move on after I said a lot of forgiveness prayers with all the people I had a problem with. To heal means to forgive. Forgiving, you set yourself free from everything and everyone and you gain the power to move on.

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