From all the positive feelings, hope is my favourite. No matter how hard is your life right now if you have hope for a better life, everything can change for you. I believe hope is at the base of positive thinking. You can have 100 scenarios with might go wrong into your life and only one positive, but if you focus all your energy on the right one, you can make it.

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Hope is like a candle that can light up other ones in ourselves. Maybe my hope and faith go hand in hand. How is it for you? Is the hope the light from the end of the tunnel?

Expecting something good to happen, that is hope. We hope for good weather, we hope for a nice job, a nice house, a nice life.  Hope is or should be always with us.

What is hope for you? What do you hope the most in this world?

I will wait for your answers, but until then: Have a day full of hope! 


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