Joy-that wonderful emotion

Joy is a positive emotion that is usually manifested  throughout a smile, laughter or an exclamation. For a child is so easy to be joyful all day long. But a grown up can’t do that. A small child thinks everything in this world is made for his amusement.

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Isn’t that so? Who know maybe the kids know it best! They have that state of bliss where they are so amused for hours and hours. They also express they joy freely and aloud. When grown smiles, a little one usually is laughing his heart out. Sometimes I feel adults make babies just to relive their childhood through them, to play with toys and to joyful for no reason.

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They say the morning starts with joy, and I say if you have joy in the morning then you may have it all they long. What if we can choose an emotion to start our day. I’ll choose joy!

Read a joke with your morning coffee!  I prepared a book called “A joke a day” near the coffee maker so I can read it every day as I planned. Easy?

Eat something good in the morning! I sometimes eat cake in the morning. It’s one of my grown-up delights. As a child, you are not allowed to eat just cake in the morning but as an adult I eat what I want.

The clothes you choose to wear may give you joy. Choose something pretty for yourself and have that joyful satisfaction of being beautiful all day long.

May your day be full of joy!!! 

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