Being your own hero

One day, you have to realize that you are stronger, smarter and better than you think you were. In that day, you’ll look in a mirror, and you’ll see the most important person in your life. You have to love and take care of yourself. It is your job to do that and no one else’s. Do not give up on that!

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It’s easier to blame the close people in your life for your life’s choices but be free of the victim mentality you need to assume responsibility for your life. You are, in the present moment, where all your past choices took you. When you accept that you can start to change your life. You can give up to who you are for the person you can be.

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You are beautiful in spite of your mistakes. If you think about it, in the Univers there are no mistakes only lessons to learn and situations to grow from individual or spiritual. So stop judging yourself so tough and start taking care of yourself.

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The time you spend for yourself is never wasted. Your homework for this weekend is to nurture yourself!

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