What did you read lately?


Reading a book is like traveling to a new world. Every time I read a book, I became a new person, a new favorite character. Did that happen to you?

I was on vacation a few weeks ago, and I got to read a lot of books that I was postponing to know for years. I felt so proud of doing what appeared to me as a luxury.

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I intend to read more every day, as a writer and as a doctor and not just reference materials. One can read what he or she likes no matter how far away is from what is he or she does as a job. It helps to find your purpose in life. I used to read fairy tales when I was little, and the habit stuck with me when I was a teenager and lately I notice that I like movies if they are made after stories.

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Andrea Balt said that: „ If you can’t read the book you want you gotta write it. If you can’t find your wonderland, you have to build it. There is no other way. You are your way, your truth, and your life. You ‚re not a victim, not even a survivor. You’re a creator, dammit.”

I believe that to be the truth. Today, Sunday 26th, I decided to make some time for myself and to read something I am passionate about. You will feel so much better after that.

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I believe in the connection between traveling and books. They say: “Those who do that travel read only one page.”

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Reading a new book, you imagine the world in it; while traveling is like writing your own book to the experience.

May you read a lot of good books and may your travel to all the places you want and some more. I wish you a pleasant Sunday and an easy new week!


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