Keeping the faith

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The spiritual place, where I have been, had as a symbol of their faith a triangle with a word written on every side of it. The three words are faith, love and kindness. The small triangles are made of metal and a lot of people who when in Abadiania, Brazil to John of God wear this triangle as a sign of their faith. I got one, but I did not wear mine for a long time. It was there also a big wooden triangle there on which people prayed or they put note on it with their wishes.

It was there also a big wooden triangle on which people prayed or they put notes on it with their wishes.

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Going to a spiritual place changes you for the better, and it changes your life and people around you. When you are there, you feel like you  are in paradise. You go in front of the medium, and you ask to heal the medical problems you have and also can ask for an answer from the entities that incorporate in him. He treated 9 million people for this moment, and his work is on-going.

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Sometimes after you leave a spiritual place with a high vibration and return to your normal life, you have some problems keeping the faith of all the lessons you understood in meditations. When you return home, you are change, and you see your life with different eyes. But most of the people, they need to change their old ways of living for  maintaining the high vibration they reached in the spiritual place.

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People want to change their life for the better, but not all of them are willing to go through the changes necessary to improve their lives. We get caught up in our daily busy lives, and we forget the spiritual teachings our souls crave for. Sometimes we think that our spiritual trips are just some peaceful and resting vacations. If we persist in believing that, those critical awakening events of our existence turn into nothing, and we forget about them and our faith that came along with them. I notice that to a lot of people who are going to spiritual places lost their way to God after a very short while to their getting back home. I was worried that it would happen to me too. In order to find a way to keep my faith. I started to wear my triangle. I think of it, as a symbol of the Holy Trinity and my mission in life. I believe that every person has the mission to love one and other, to have faith in something like God, Life, The Univers and to be kind to the souls around him or her.

When I felt that I needed some help to remember who I was ( a powerful spiritual being) or to strengthen my faith I was looking for my triangle.  One day I decided that I want to wear it all the time as a reminder of what I am all about: Love, Faith, and Kindness.


4 thoughts on “Keeping the faith

      1. Thank you. It is amazing how the spirit moves in us and makes us believe. I am not sure if beautiful Lisa Melman was a true believer .Unfortunately, she seems to have died from her cancer just after john of god’s spiritual surgery and her appearance on Oprah’s Miracle Show. As a Doctor, do you believe that it would be a possible miracle to cured of cancer by john of god sticking a pair of forceps on your nose.Blessings


      2. There are more proofs every day to show that it is possible to heal any diseases with your mind. So way it’s so hard to believe that an experienced healer can’t do his job and cure cancer?


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