Protect and bring more energy into your life

I am a big fan of positive thinking, and there is says that when you have fears, doubts and worries the best way to deal with them is to turn them into prayers.

Do you sometimes feel very well in the morning, or during your day and then out of the sudden you feel drained of your energy, and you don’t know why? A lot of stuff or people may take your power away. My solution for you is a little pray I discovered a few weeks ago.

Did you ever think of praying?

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There are so many questions to ask about the energy, about the beings of light. I am not here to explain that. My advice to you about that is that you don’t need to know what is behind the scenes.

All I know is that when you pray your problems get solved more easily, you get more peace and energy. And you keep the energy you were spending when you worried, feared or doubted your life.

I recently learned a short prayer of Doreen Virtue’s for purification and protection, which I want to share with you.

Archangel Michael, thank you for purify and protecting me and my loved ones from everything that is not from the love and light of God. Amen.

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Is this simple or what?

I found out for myself that this very easy-to-say prayer is very powerful. You may say it to purify you house, the building in which you work or live, for your car just changing a bit a few word in the pray:

Archangel Michael, thank you for purify and protecting me and my house/workplace/car from everything that is not from the love and light of God. Amen.

Every time during your day when you feel that you are not at your 100% of your wellbeing you may say the pray for yourself, as many times as you feel you need it during a day. When you feel uncomfortable or not well remember to purify and protect yourself.

For a place, you might not need it to ask for the archangel protection so often if you feel very well there. You need to purify and protect your house usually when you start to not sleep well. If you have any conflict at home between your housemates or family members, you need to say the pray for the house at list one time a day. Let it be in the evening, so you all get a good night sleep.

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In a workplace, where are many people, it is best to say it before going to work and while there a few times when you feel that you get drained of energy.

I hope this pray will help you and your loved ones to keep and protect your energy into your lives. Say the pray and believe that everything is well!

May you all be safe, loved and protected by your angels!


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