How to relax in one day a week and recharge your batteries again!

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You had a long week. You are tired. You need to relax and charge your batteries.

How to relax  one day a week so well that you will be ready for a whole new working week? Take at easy! Stop thinking about work or your problems, they will be there after this day too. What you need is to focus all your attention on yourself for one Sunday. Let’s see how you may do that!

1) Surround yourself with your favourites people, family members or friends, and with your pets. Spend quality time with them. Play with your pets like you are a kid, they will enjoy the attention and you’ll too.

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2) Sleep and rest a lot but don’t spend the entire day in bed. It’s your day to spend it as you like so do the things you love to do. Maybe you don’t have time to cook not a proper dinner every evening. In your free day, you can pamper yourself preparing your favourite dish. Cooking, it’s a creative process, and it will give you energy just because you put your love and imagination into it.

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3) Go out for a walk! If you have a garden do some work there. For those of us who live in the city, we can go in a park. You don’t need to go hiking if you don’t feel like it. You don’t need to do something extreme to feel you are alive. You just have to go out and see the beauty of nature, to look at the sky that is different every day and every minute. You need to enjoy the place where you live. Take some pictures of the stuff you like, outside your house. You can a hobby of taking picture. You don’t have to be better at that; you will get better as soon as you see more of the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

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4) Enjoy your house more! You live on rent, and it’s not your house? It doesn’t matter! If you reside there, make it a nice place in which to feel comfortable and safe. Buy some pillows or surround your space with things that you love. Then take a good book and read it. Watch a movie that you like, even if you seen it already. Look around your living space and be grateful for it. You can make it as you want and enjoy it!

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5) Do something creative! Write! Paint! Color! Sing! Dance! There si a great freedom in the words: Do what you love! We all love or like different things. You know what your hobbies are, and now it’s the day for at list one of them!

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6) Go out with your friends and have fun! It’s not about staying up late, it’s about enjoying their company. Do with them what you like as a group.

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7) Then when you get home you can pamper yourself some more. Take the time to relax with a nice bath with lots of salts and natural oils. Loving and taking care of yourself, it’s very healing and energetic.

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I feel that from all my suggestion for a good relaxing day, everyone may find something that they like and be inspired to take more care of themselves. Have a nice relaxing day! You deserve it!


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