Happy Valentine’s Day! Why is it good to have a day for LOVE!

Is it Valentine’s Day a commercial holiday? Yes, it is. In my country, Romania and a lot of many others, this celebration is not promote as we have our national day dedicate to love and lovers. In Romania, our Valentine’s Day is on February 24th.

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The celebration appeared after an old tragic story of a couple in love. A poor young man feels in love with a beautiful rich young woman. Their parents did not agree with their love. In those times, there was a very big gap between rich and poor and they did not mix. The lover decided to run in a cold night in February and to be happy somewhere else. They thought the snow will hide their tracks, and they will be free together. The girl’s parents find out about their plans to escape and try to stop them. They send their servants after the lovers. As everything happened very quickly, the servants thought they were following some burglars, so they shot the two lovers by mistake. In the morning, their red blood was mixed with the white fresh snow. All the people from that place feel so sorry for the tragic and unwanted death of the young couple in love that they decided to take one day every month and to celebrate love in their honor.So from that day, men give buy ribbons made out of two colour lines. The colours are always the same: white and red. The red means love, and the white means forever.

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A man gives a ribbon like that to the woman he loves. The woman will wear the ribbon on her hand that entire day, as a sign that she also loves the man who gave it to her. It is very romantic to get that prove of love between two people in love.

In Romania like in other countries, Valentine’s Day is starting to take over our Lover’s Day. Men are more inclined to buy bigger gifts than a small piece of ribbon.

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Is that bad? As a woman, I say it is nothing wrong in receiving a bigger sign of affection, as long as the meaning behind the gift is still love.

Celebrating LOVE is amazing and natural! Commercial or not, it is good to have a day for love.

So from Romania, I wish you to: Have a wonderful and unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

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