Positive thinking- How hard is it to be positive in our modern lives?

We start our day in our homes, either alone or with our significant other. We may wake up well and fine. We can begin our day with hope, peace and love.

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But then, we get into a chaotic mood.  Those who have a family of their own, they don’t need to leave their houses/ flats to get angry or just in a bad mood. The kids start to scream, the dog is barking like crazy; the newspaper gets wet and so on, that until it’s time to live they lose the right start of that day.

Why is it so easy to loose our good mood? And to get into this vortex of bad emotion which we repeat every single day, which drain us of energy. We get home late, and we don’t have the energy to do something we love or to spend quality time with our partners or family because we have nothing left. We just vegetate, eat, sleep or do more work. How can we fix all that?

Fortunately for us there are many ways!

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We can say positive affirmations when we surprise ourselves in some hectic situation, and we see that our mood is sour out of the blue. I love this affirmation from Louise Hay:

I love this affirmation from Louise Hay: I attract everything into my life that is for my higher good.

There are a lot of positive sayings for relationships, for love, for life, for happiness, for health and for everything else you may need.  http://www.louisehay.com/relationships-romance/

For an affirmation to work, you need to say it every day for a few minutes. While you say it out loud or in your mind, think about it until you believe it!

Now-a-days the Internet is very abundant in positive coaches, so every person may find one to suit their personality.

We can be grateful for what we have and cultivate that. In this way, the Univers replies to us with more things to be grateful for. There is something positive in everything; we just have to find it and celebrate it!

Featured imageAfter a long day, while we drive home, it is good to let go of all the thoughts, feeling and energies we don’t want or need to take back. We may say to whomever we believe in: to purify and protect us from all that can harm us.  And go home feeling free of the weight that the negative energies bring with them whenever we get into the negative thoughts and emotions.

Late at night say just one little pray to The Univers or God: Thank you for everything! 

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