Choosing to write

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A lot of people told me that I can’t make a living out of writing. When I was little I believe them, and I stopped writing for a while, but my writing talent did not give up on me.

As a child, I used to enjoy looking for an idea for an adventure novel. I thought if I find a brilliant idea the book will write itself. Of course, that was not the case. Maybe during that time I had lots of great ideas for a novel but as I did not pursue them or practice my writing skill I lost them.

Two years ago, around this time I decided I want to write a book about my life. What better adventure than someone’s life?

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I wanted to write about my life before that time but like a lot of people I thought my life was not that exciting. When so many life changing events happened to me in a very short period, I knew it was time to trust my instincts and write down everything. And guess what happened next? It was like magic!  The book wrote itself under my finger typing on the keyboards of my laptop. I wrote and rewrote it until I was pleased with the final result. It was so easy like I was meant to do that. I felt alive writing my first book.

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I was doing what made me feel alive, and I did it for myself. I wanted to publish the story of my life, and I was doing it out of my passion for writing. I felt that my life changing experiences and ordeals would help all the people will get to know my story. I was right! So I became the author of  “The Medium.”Now I want to be a full-time writer. I am a medical doctor, and I am helping a lot of people in my profession but I also know that one book can change someone life forever. I feel that a book can reach more quickly a lot more people than a doctor can in its entire career.

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