How to be yourself

Featured imageDuring my entire life, a lot of people told me to “be myself.” But what does it mean that?

When do you know if you are doing what you want, or you are just doing what are supposed too? Did that happen to you, to not know what you want? And to see yourself doing what other people encourage you to do? And then ….You get a job you don’t want. You marry someone you don’t love. You choose a career that you don’t like. And so on…

It’s a weird experience! You find yourself like in an out-of-body experience, and you see yourself doing what your family or  friends wanted you do.

That happens to many empathic persons, to be so strongly influenced by their environment.

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So how do you know to be yourself?

I found out in time, that in order to make a significant decision I need a day or two to think it over. I need that much time to separate my feelings from the people around me. Now I stay alone in a room, and I meditate to the choice I have to make. If you can’t meditate or you don’t know how to do it, you can something else. You can day dream of your choices. Let’s say you want to change jobs, or you want to leave or start a relationship. Let yourself imagine going on that path! Assume that you get that job: see in your mind how your life will be like. Let your imagination go wild while you lay in your bed in the morning or before going to sleep in the night. While you make that scenario of your future life after that decision, observe how you feel. Your intuition is always with you and on your side. Your intuition is not influenced by your close people in your life; it is yours and yours alone. Your intuition is a muscle that need to be trained to help you to do the best for yourself and your life.

“To be yourself,” is connected in my mind with “live your  life the way you want too.”  So my dear ones do that!

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