Thank you, 2014! Welcome 2015!

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I like to give thanks to the year that is about to end, in order to embrace the New Year with open arms.
It’s easy to be grateful for the good in your life. It is harder to thank the ones who hurt you, and to the situations in which you got hurt. The hard times are lesson from which we all emerge stronger and more prepared for life.
Dear 2014,
I am grateful for being alive, being healthy and having a wonderful life. I am grateful for all the love in my life, for all the ones who love me, and/or I love. I am grateful for all the joys and laughters. I am grateful for all my work from 2014. I am amazed how many things one can do in just one year. It was one of the busiest year of my life and at the end of it, I have accomplished so many achievements. I did not dream that I do so much in just one year. I am grateful for becoming an author. This link is the proof to that:
I am also grateful for all the lessons and hard times I had to go through in 2014. Those lessons shape me in a better version of myself, so for that I am grateful.

I welcome the New Year, 2015. May it bring love, joy and peace to me and to you!


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