My pen name’s story

                   My book is ‘The medium: How I found out that I was a medium’. I wrote my story and published it in English so it would reach a lot more people than it would if written in Romanian. I wrote it believing that it would help a lot of people overcoming their similar lives challenges.
My name is not Rafaela Mihai that is my pen name. I knew when I wrote my life’s story that it was too personal to be published under my real name. I had another pen name prepared for ‘The medium’, but my team from the Balboa Publisher advise me to change it, as it was to close to my real name. So I came up with Rafaela and Mihai, which are the names of my two favorite’s archangel Rafael and Michael. And I will publish under that pen name all my books. As I can not reveal to you my real name that is a wonderful Romanian one, I also can not use my picture.
As I can not use my real name, my pictures or my image, I can not present my book on TV, on YouTube or anything like that. I am promoting my book on Twitter and Word Press using a picture of a blue butterfly, with my pen name under it, like my brand. As the butterfly is my spiritual animal and also a symbol from John of God spiritual hospital, where I found out that I was a medium.
Help me, please, to make my pen name and my book well-know as I believe it would help a lot of people to find their inner strength to be themselves. Please, retweet as much as you like or share these links on any other media sites to reach as many people as we can.

Thank you so much for all your help!


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