When and how I started to write my book

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Two years ago, I went for the first time outside my country. I never flew before in my life either. To fly all the way to Brasil, alone, it seemed impossible just a year before. I was going on my first spiritual trip. I wanted to keep a written journal so I can experience that journey at its fullest potential. I started to write in a small notebook on my first flight ever, and it was so easy to put my feeling into writing. I wrote so much in just a few hours and then when I started to read what I wrote it was unbelievable. It was like I was doing therapy to myself and getting insights on my life in the same time.

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I went to John of God in Brazil. He is the biggest medium there, and he started a spiritual hospital in a village called Abadiania, about 160 km from their capital city. For over three decades, that hospital works, helping and healing people in various ways. He cured over 9 million people so far and his work it is still going on.

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When I went there, I found out I was not sick as I  thought. I discovered I was a medium. And also there, I found myself and my gift of writing, which I did not use since childhood. I did not stop writing nor traveling, ever since.

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