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My name is Rafaela. I am a 34 years old woman, a physician, a teacher, a Reiki teacher, and now when you are reading this book, a writer. This book is about my first spiritual trip to John of God, in Abadiania, Brazil, and how it changed my life forever. It is the story of my life, at least the main spiritual events until I decided to live as a spiritual being and the next few months after that. That place was a heaven on Earth for me, and it helped me in ways only now I can understand. My trip there was the best thing I could have done for myself in a period of intense stress and negativity.

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I lived and did what I was supposed to do, in the communist country of my childhood and later in fast changing Romania. I became a professional accomplished young unhappy woman. I lived in fear, and I was angry most of the time without reason. I knew my life was not supposed to be like that. I craved for something more than the everyday life, but I did not find it for three decades. I had to fall even deeper into the darkness before I could begin to rise. In moments since, I decided that I wanted to change like magic I received everything I needed to start changing. When I was ready to receive even more, I got to John of God, where I realized who I really am and what I can do. I learned to be myself, to be happy and grateful for what I have. I learned to love and accept myself as a complex of qualities and faults that make me unique on this Earth. I forgave myself for all my past mistakes learning that I did the best as I could at that time. I forgave all the people in my life so I could look with love and compassion toward them. And so I started healing my karmic relationships with them. I saw all human beings as equals, my reflections in a Universe of energy.

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The most important thing I reconnected with God, and that gave me the feeling that I’m never alone and whatever might happen to me, I am guided by a higher power to my greatest good. I wrote this book wanting to reach others like me, hoping that my story will help others. I start writing, and I did not stop since then. In order to respect the privacy of the people in my life, I changed all the names and some small facts about them. Please enjoy my book and may the information you need to stick with you so you can use it when most needed.

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