Dream your best scenario for your life

Find a few minutes in your schedule free from any interruptions. Lay or sit comfortable and let start a fun relaxing exercise!

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Imagine you are asleep, and you are dreaming. Imagine now what do you want to do in your dream. You can do anything you want, but I recommend just to imagine a day of your future life. You are still dreaming but in there you wake up. It’s a beautiful day!

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Look at who is sleeping next to you? Where do you live? How is your bedroom? You get out of bed. How is the rest of your house? Who else is in the house? Do you have kids, pets, plants? Imagine everything with as many details as you can! How is your day starting? How is your interaction with the rest of your family? Where do you work? How is your day going?

Remember, you are in a dream so make it a beautiful one. Imagine only what you want!

What is your job in your dream life? You can be anything you want. How is your day going, doing what you want the most? You finish working for that day. What do you do next? Who is waiting for you home? What do you do next until you go again to sleep?

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This exercise is good for visualising what you want in life and staying focus on that. You can draw the house of your dream, the partner you desire and your future family to make it easier for you. The exercise is meant to relax you, but also to help you to manifest the life you dream for yourself.
Have a wonderful day dear ones!

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