Get positive fast in a busy day!

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Hi everyone!

Today I was grateful. I like to walk to stay in shape, and I find it very good to think of something positive when I do my walks. I started one day after an angel card reading, where I was suggested to be more positive. I was in a hurry to get somewhere, and I did not know how to be positive while I was so rushed. I started to worry about the things I had to do in that day and I had a hard time staying positive. I was walking fast and I remembered that the easy way to raise your vibration is to be grateful. While walking, I was thinking for all the stuff that I was grateful for.

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I was grateful for:

my life because I have one;
my breathing, which is clear;
my health;
my senses;
my legs;
my hands;
my body which function so good.
I started with those and the list when on and on, but I stopped because I reached my destination. That was the first time I did that, but not the last. Try to do that, it may help you during your busy day.

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